Software Development

Different businesses in different industries have different needs. Whatever your software requirements are, Infivex has you covered.

With more than 50 years of combined experience in the fields of business and technology, we are confident in creating solutions that drive value to your business and customers.

Custom Software Development

Whether you are a brick-and-mortar or a startup company wanting to automate your process or enhance your current system, whatever your unique needs are, our team is equipped with extensive experience and expertise to create tailored software solutions. We can skillfully design, create, deploy and maintain industry-specific software that satisfies your defined set of requirements.

Enterprise Software Development

Create meaningful customer experience and enhance productivity in your organisation through engineered software solutions that solve your complex challenges as a large-scale enterprise such as customer relationship (CRM), human resource, sales and project management.

Product Development

Leverage our expertise to create a cutting-edge product that your customers will want to use. We are committed to provide you with full-cycle product development services:


Prior to creating the actual product, our team creates designed interfaces, specification lists and static mockups. Then, test prototypes to refine your product’s functionality and identify any issues to minimize future risks during development.

Product Development

We look out for emerging trends and understand your targeted market to create software that gives your business competitive advantage. In this step, our team transforms your visions into innovative software that delivers value to your customers and revenue to your business.

Product Testing

All of our products are tested by our quality assurance (QA) team to ensure full functionality and optimum performance before they are released in the market. Our testing services encompass various approaches that include crash, functionality, load, system and validity testing to establish product security, scalability and stability.

Product Support

After market release, you are assigned a support team equipped with the complete knowledge and tools to ensure your product is efficiently addressing the demands of your customers.

Cloud-Based Application Development

Let us transform the way you do business using the power of the cloud. Together, we could create a cost-efficient application that transforms your collaboration, data management and workflow protocols.

Infivex provides cloud-based development solutions that are 100% secure, scalable and versatile. Our team creates applications tailored to work flawlessly with existing infrastructures and to support new user requirements seamlessly.

This enables businesses to establish new processes or optimise current ones, develop innovative products using the latest technologies, improve performance and productivity, reduce development costs and to amplify flexibility.

Cloud-Based Application Development

We plan our approach by using standardised methodologies that center around the needs of our clients. Besides encouraging their active involvement in the project, we also implement validation to ensure an accurate output.

Once we have established a strategy, our IT specialists start development of the cloud-based application. They use their expert knowledge of design and programming to build a solution that is fully functional and optimised especially for mobile. Then, depending on the project requirements, they implement its deployment in public, private or mixed environments.

Cloud Migration

Our team works independently, or together with your IT team and other service providers to transport application and data to the cloud using a reliable and intelligent migration approach that preserves data integrity and lessens system downtime. In particular, we specialise in migrating legacy and on-premise applications from enterprise data centers to cloud platforms.

Cloud Integration

On top of creating customised cloud-based applications, our specialists are capable of connecting multiple cloud-based technologies to synchronise data processing across an enterprise. We always aim to create a cloud-powered environment that drives growth to your business and adapts to such transformation.

Mobile Application Development

Infivex offers full-cycle mobile application development for your specific needs, whether it is a consumer-oriented or an enterprise-class solution on both Android and iOS.

Experienced app developers lead the entire development process from ideation and concept, to delivery and ongoing support. This is to ensure streamlined performance and enhanced client or workforce engagement.

Android App Development

Our app developers understand all the dimensions of the Android platform. They have extensive experience in developing and maintaining apps for different types of Android device, brand and ecosystem.

iOS App Development

We help businesses go mobile by creating impactful apps for Apple devices. Take advantage of our team’s deep knowledge of designing, developing and maintaining robust apps that work well across all types of Apple devices.

Hybrid App Development

Get the best of both worlds with an app that works equally well with both Android and iOS devices. Our developers are capable of taking your ideas to the next level by creating a flexible solution that offers functionality, as well as a meaningful user experience.

Cross-Platform App Development

Backed by solid experience, our team is capable of developing cross-platform apps that work on PhoneGap, Titanium and other frameworks. We can remodel apps to work efficiently on any preferred device including the iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows Phone.

Web-based Application Development

Infivex helps businesses embrace the current mobile-first web reality by developing versatile apps that work seamlessly across varied platforms. Drawing on their expertise in front-end development, our team is capable of implementing the most demanded web app development solutions:

  • Developing device-agnostic applications
  • Developing HTML5/Javascript applications that provide an effortless user experience on desktop and mobile
  • Re-engineering applications that are not user-friendly or outdated

Application Integration

If your existing systems are falling short and can no longer cope with the requirements of your business, we can help you implement software integration. First, we access your existing infrastructure, identify your integration requirements and organize them according to priority. Then, we select an integration model that fits your project and design a tailored architecture for your integrated systems. After we have established a strategic integration plan, we proceed with migration and re-engineering, followed by rigorous testing.