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A team of experienced entrepreneurs and IT professionals specializing in engineered technology solutions for businesses.

We offer end-to-end support and are committed to delivering robust solutions tailored to the needs of each client. Let us help you with your technology needs today.

Erik Lippens image

Erik Lippens


Erik is a full-stack developer with almost 30 years of experience in information and communication technology. He worked with Bull, AtosOrigin, ACA Solutions, NXP, and Philipps before founding Infivex.

In 2009, he came up with an OCR technology service for accounting automation. This led him to start the fintech company Lyanthe with two other partners from the Netherlands. He spearheaded the company’s robotic division and made sure it received ISO 27001 and ASEA 3402 certifications.

Jo Hugaerts image

Jo Hugaerts


A sales manager and business developer with more than 30 years of experience. He is responsible for setting up a marketing strategy and building a network of sales agents across Europe.

As a veteran in the industry, he formulated sales plans, recruited, trained, and developed a sales team that would be able to sell to clients and manage relationships across Europe.

Mykah Quimque image

Mykah Quimque


Mykah has had over 6 years of experience working with executives and business owners, allowing her to develop a keen understanding of administration and relations management.

Co-owner of Infivex, she is responsible for planning and executing all Board of Director meetings and committee meetings ‐ including strategic planning and ensuring that all logistical issues are taken care of. She also oversees the corporation’s shareholder meetings and keeps track of all of the corporation’s important documents.

Edrosel Encontro image

Edrosel Encontro


A creative individual with a passion for technology, marketing, and sales, Ed is always seeking new and innovative ways to help our clients succeed.

Ed is a highly experienced sales and marketing professional. His exceptional leadership skills, together with his knowledge in network marketing, affiliate marketing, and unique approach to digital marketing have helped companies and individuals to achieve success in a variety of industries, such as real estate, wellness, and IT.

Joy Canete image

Joy Canete

Chief finance officer

Joy directs every preparation of current financial activities, and create forecasts predicting future growth.

Geraldine Yap image

Geraldine Yap

Project Manager

A leader, Co-owner who has accountability and expertise in planning and allocating resources, monitoring progress, and keeping the team informed throughout the project lifecycle.

  • Leona Mae Mantilla image

    Leona Mae Mantilla

    Customer Success Manager and Lead Business Analyst
  • Cristina Jumawan

    Cristina Jumawan

    Lead Quality Analyst
  • Vincent Clyde Burgos image

    Vincent Clyde Burgos

    Technical Team Lead
  • hilip Tampus image

    Philip Tampus

    Technical Team Lead
  • Geoman Yabes image

    Geoman Yabes

    Senior Developer
  • EJ Macasaet image

    EJ Macasaet

    Sales and Marketing Team Lead
  • Urielle Rey Avila image

    Urielle Rey Avila

    Software developer
  • Marko Verano image

    Marko Verano

    Software developer
  • Gaurav Saini image

    Gaurav Saini

    Mobile App Developer