Innovative Technology

We are forward thinkers and creatives. At Infivex, we offer more than just the conventional technology solutions.

Our team takes it a notch higher by offering businesses the opportunity to adopt the latest trends for them to gain a competitive edge and drive exponential growth to their organisation. Together, we can explore new possibilities and transform the way you do business.

Augmented Reality

Many of the world’s largest businesses are already leveraging the power of augmented reality (AR): Adidas, Gucci, Toyota and YouTube, while some are just exploring such technology.

We are among the few IT companies in the Philippines that specialize in developing solutions around AR. Our previous projects include developing, managing and maintaining AR technologies that promote efficient communication and collaboration among internal teams.

Through this service, we give our clients a highly-interactive work experience that is fast and expansive. Our AR solutions eliminate the barriers of obsolete and slow communication and operating systems for businesses to boost efficiency and create a memorable customer experience.

Customised PR Application

We help you adopt the latest AR technology through tailored mobile applications.

First, we closely analyze your business requirements.

Then, with built-in recognition, tracking features and more, we help you build innovative AR applications that increase productivity and provide a highly interactive customer experience.

AR Assistance Platforms

Infivex helps industries perform at maximum efficiency by providing AR assistance platforms that allow fast, easy and simple ways to access data anywhere at any time.

With an interactive system connecting workers better and enabling more effective modes of training, we give our clients the opportunity to build accurate, safe and productive working environments through the power of AR.

Innovative User Experience

We ensure that client expectations are met through cutting-edge AR technology.

With real-time accessibility, navigational support, 3d animation and images, we empower you to build AR applications that are exciting, interactive and engaging for your customers.

Virtual Reality

A captivating user experience is crucial to stay ahead in the rapidly evolving market competition. Through VR, we make it possible for our clients to craft meaningful customer experiences by simulating real-life environments and unlock unique opportunities to scale their business.

Custom Built VR Applications

We begin with a careful analysis of your business before providing contextual virtual reality environments that demonstrate products and services to your target audience in a highly interactive manner.

With tailored virtual reality applications, you can generate immersive and interactive content that directly cuts through the rising digital ecosystem and gives your business a competitive edge.

Enhanced User Experience

Create a positive impact by giving your customers an immersive experience of your products or services. Leverage the power of VR advancements like 3D digital visualization, modeling and VR 360° tour capabilities.

Mixed Reality

Industry leaders are implementing digital strategies to gain and retain satisfied customers. As technology evolves, we can be your partner in exploring exciting realms of extended realities to open up new revenue opportunities and enhance the value delivered by your business.

Through practical and innovative MR solutions, we allow you to create spectacular and vivid reflections on real-world environments to create an immersive and intuitive user experience. Together, we can improve the way your team members work and the way your business delivers your products or services to your customers.

Intelligent Services

By empowering your business with the best forms of MR, Infivex helps you deliver intuitive and unforgettable services to your customers.

We use intelligent platforms like predictive equipment maintenance and 3d training facilities to improve your team productivity and product marketing.

Cross-Platform Application

Expand your customer base through customised cross-platform applications that support various mobile and HoloLens devices.

With full-cycle development capabilities for a broad range of platforms, we empower you with a powerful tool that can help you achieve your business goals, whether it is to improve your product or enhance customer experience.

Robotic Process Automation

Utilized smart software bots or robotic process automation to achieve optimal efficiency in a cost-effective manner. Infivex is capable of automating complex, high-volume and recurring tasks in your business.

We make it happen by integrating advanced technologies like artificial intelligence and machine learning with RPA to provide our clients with smarter business ecosystems that reduce extensive human efforts and error.

Enterprise Automation

We are a small company, but our expertise enables us to equip large enterprises with intelligent automation systems tailored to streamline their unique business processes for increased productivity.

Process Analysis

RPA projects start with the identification of manual processes that require automation.

It is followed by the implementation of custom frameworks by drafting an automation architecture that matches your goals.

Doing this eliminates strenuous tasks, giving you more time and resources to work on building and growing your business.

Strategic Implementation

To ensure smooth RPA implementation, we determine the most appropriate tools that closely fit your business structure and operations.

Then, these tools are deployed by our talented IT experts who are experienced in working in different industries and businesses of all sizes.

Maintenance and Support

Our maintenance and support process is designed to ensure that businesses face minimum disruption and downtime throughout any system patch or upgrade.

We respond promptly to any concern and we take the time to educate our clients and their team members.

Artificial Intelligence

Enhance productivity and amplify the impact of your business through the power of artificial intelligence. With this technology, you can reinvent your products, workflow and end-results.

From task automation to forecasting outcomes in your industry, you can unlock endless possibilities by leveraging AI technology.

Customized AI Applications

With highly experienced IT professionals in our team, Infivex is capable of creating AI-powered applications that are engineered to meet your changing business needs.

We develop a wide range of AI platforms for different purposes, such as computer vision, natural language processing and speech recognition.

Task Automation

Expand your profit margin by reducing manpower and operating cost through robotic and AI-powered process automation.

Automating monotonous tasks also leads to enhanced accuracy and efficiency in business operations. This improves your overall performance and delivery.

Predictive Analysis

Make better decisions for your business. Self-learning AI derives intelligent insights from customer data and statistically generated algorithms to predict future outcomes.

Through this, we get to help organisations make use of technology to solve their complex business challenges and to uncover new opportunities for growth.

Conversational AI

Revolutionize customer experience with interactive AI that is capable of listening and speaking.

Say goodbye to the days when customers need to scan an entire directory to find an answer that addresses their concerns. Our team can set up interactive chat bots to get the job done at lesser cost.

Machine Learning

Save time and money by enhancing your IT system’s ability to access and learn data for it to solve problems without human intervention. By augmenting your system with industry-leading ML platforms like Azure, Google and Stanford, you can overcome key business challenges through accurate data-driven decisions.

Smart ML Applications

Backed by their extensive experience in developing ML solutions for various industries, our IT specialists at Infivex are capable of creating applications that suit your organisation’s unique needs.

We develop results-driven applications that use specialised ML technologies such as pattern recognition, mathematical optimisation, computational learning and self-optimisation.

Together, we can accelerate your digital transformation and achieve business goals with an intelligent ecosystem that processes data efficiently and independently.

Predictive Analytics

Empower your business with a reliable tool in forecasting results. Predictive analytics can transform your business by making sure you deliver consistently and with maximum efficiency.

You no longer need to rely on inaccurate methods that are compromised by human error. Through this technology, your IT system will be able to analyze customer data to identify trends, patterns and other valuable information that are useful in optimising your products or services.

Deep Learning

Imagine what you can achieve if you cut out the guesswork from your business. By making intelligent decisions based on an accurate analysis of real-time data, you can easily steer your business to the direction you desire while discovering more opportunities for growth and reducing operational costs.

Join the thousands of industry leaders around the world that foster a superior business model powered by deep learning.

You will be able to solve challenges in areas like automated diagnosis, fraud detection, image recognition, natural language processing and market predictions.

Data Analytics and Visualization

Convert your scattered data into smart-decision making for your business. Through analytics, you can identify useful information in a fast and accurate manner. You will be able to access data and insights on consumer behavior, market development and other performance indicators that are relevant to your specific business model and industry.

Data Visualization

These days, a successful business is synonymous to a data-driven business.

Automating your data processing is one thing, but it’s communicating it to members of your organisation is another. Over the past years, we have helped hundreds of businesses in different industries to identify trends, track key performance indicators, compare results and present all of this information through connectivity charts, funnel charts, pie charts, heat maps, matrix, scatterplot, pivot table and more.

With our experience, we can help you visualize data in various areas of your business, from monitoring your finances and forecasting profit to tracking employee activity and determining gaps in their performance.

Data Warehousing

Our warehousing solutions cover the whole life cycle of data processing, from collection up to archiving.

At Infivex, we practice scalable and robust data integration practices to facilitate the efficient and cost-effective transition and processing of data across multiple departments of your business.