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Online Platform For Data Exchange (API)

Online platforms play a key role in the digital economy and even within your own organization.

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Mobile Collaboration Apps

With the collaboration software market being oversaturated, only 20% of organizations affirm that their collaboration tools work well… 

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IT Shared Service Center

Outsourcing IT is from the point of view of IT cost reduction, centralization by means of a shared service center

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INFIVEX IT SOLUTIONS involves customers in the creation and refinement of products and services is more than “putting customers first”, finding mutually satisfactory solutions to shared problems or a dedication to excellence in every sale or service encounter – it also requires commitment to forging long-term relationships that create synergies of knowledge, security and adaptability for both parties. Herein lies sustainability – creating customer partnerships helps the business maintain the focus it needs to make good decisions and harness the power and commitment needed to weather volatile times.

Software Development & Maintenance

Application development goes through a process of planning, creating, testing, and deploying an information system, also known as the software development life cycle.

Applications are also often developed to automate some type of internal business process or processes, build a product to address common business challenges or to drive innovation. Today, a majority of organizations are looking for custom solutions to support their individual business needs, and to be on par with cutting edge technologies by developing robust applications that are scalable, secure, and easily maintainable.

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Quality Assurance (QA)

This is defined as an activity to ensure that an organization is providing the best possible product or service to customers. QA focuses on improving the processes to deliver Quality Products to the customer. An organization has to ensure, that processes are efficient and effective as per the quality standards defined for software products. Quality Assurance is popularly known as QA Testing

Quality assurance has a defined cycle called PDCA cycle or Deming cycle.

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Application Architecture

An application architecture describes the patterns and techniques used to design and build an application. The architecture gives you a roadmap and best practices to follow when building an application, so that you end up with a well-structured app.

When deciding which application architecture to use for a new application, or when evaluating your current architecture, our architects start by determining your strategic goals. Then you can design the architecture that supports your goals, instead of choosing an architecture first and trying to make an application fit within that structure.

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Continuous Delivery Continuous Integration (Devops)

DevOps is the practice of operations and development engineers participating together in the entire service lifecycle, from design through the development process to production support. It allows organizations to create and improve products at a faster pace than they can with traditional software development approaches. And it’s gaining popularity at a rapid rate.

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